With this album we offer you music which has special significance for us. This is because it contains, in addition to out latest recordings, a selection of works performed almost three decades ago by what was then a boys’ choir. Recorded on cassette, they have been digitally remastered to be included in this anniversary album.

This CD is therefore both a journey back to the very beginning of our adventure with choral music under the guidance of Joseph Herter, the founder of Cantores Minores, and a look at the successive stages of the development of the choir with current conductor Franciszek Kubicki.


Choir Members in 2020

Szymon Adamczyk

Jan Badziąg

Konrad Błaszczyk

Jacek Caban

Jakub Caban

Paweł Dąbrowski

Piotr Frysz

Henryk Grocholski *

Tomasz Kania

Tomasz Kowalczyk

Łukasz Kruhlik

Marcin Krzeczunowicz

Franciszek Kunicki

Adam Lorenc *

Dominik Łukaszewski


Wojciech Łukomski

Oskar Onisk

Michał Osmycki

Michał Ossowski *

Tomasz Praczyk

Mateusz Rapicki

Patryk Różycki

Adam Skaskiewicz

Filip Szafrański

Jakub Szafrański

Jakub Wójcik

Adrian Zduńczyk

Franciszek Kubicki *

(*denotes choristers participating in the archive recording)

Sound Engineering

Sound engineering: Konrad Błaszczyk, Robert Migas 

Editing, mastering: Konrad Błaszczyk

Digital remastering of archive cassette recording from 1992: Konrad Błaszczyk

© Cantores Minores Choral Association, CM 002
Recorderd in st. Benno’s Church in Warsaw (2019-2020)

Promo Concert

The CD, celebrating 30 years of our choir was presented at the concert after mass on 17th of October 2020 in  St. John’s Archcathedral, Warsaw. The mass was attended by His Eminence, Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz.

Live broadcast from the ceremony is available on Facebook.

See concert’s program